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Sobre a cooperação com a Suécia

CAIS is a specialized company in international project management and institutional affairs. Its background is deeply connected with the bilateral cooperation between Sweden and Brasil in Sustainable waste management area, specially in waste prevention, since 2015, first as voluntary and after as official consultant.

During the last years CAIS have been side by side with as local contact for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency agenda in Brazil regarding map, engage and monitor brazilian stakeholders interested in the Swedish cooperation regarding waste prevention tools and practices, including Brazilian ministries, regions and local authorities.

CAIS activities during this time can be summarized in: communication tools and practices development, training of trainers development and application, content adaptation from Swedish specialists to Brazilian audience, field action support, project design and implementation for Brazilian public, workshops and events promotion and performance.

Beyond the contract with the Swedish government, CAIS also engaged an ecosystem of Swedish private companies such as Universities, Startups and Research Institutes under a Swedish umbrela hall of opportunities in Brazilian market, connecting private companies interested innovation projects to tackle SDG agenda in Brazil.

“Isso traz importantes avanços e reflexos no ambiente acadêmico e nas políticas públicas de gestão municipal de resíduos, em que buscamos trazer cada vez mais contribuições práticas para o cenário brasileiro”.

Daniele Eckert Matzembacher – PhD em Administração pela Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul

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